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About The Clock Shop in Hanover, MA

About The Clock Shop in Hanover, MA Owner, David Hochstrasser I am often asked why I got into the business of clock and watch repair. I guess I have had an interest in watches since before my earliest memories. My older brother, Ross, caught me with our Grandfathers watch and some crude watch repair tools when I was very young. Perhaps it was because I could not find any tools more suited for the task at hand beyond a pair of pliers and a hammer or perhaps it was because I was caught before I could complete the project but my first attempt at watch repair was unsuccessful. That first encounter with a timepiece must have been traumatic because it was not for another 10 years or so until I made another attempt at repairing a clock.

When I was in 9th grade my shop teacher, Ron White an avid clock collector, had the class make clock cases. I was more interested in the antique clock he had in the back room that he was repairing though. Around this time Ross had been looking in antique shops for old radios when he discovered a Seth Thomas clock that was in need of repair. With the help of a local clock smith and the purchase of a mainspring the two of us were able to get the clock together and running.
The clock Shop zoom - Antique Watch Dealers in Hanover, MA
The clock Shop  - Antique Watch Dealers in Hanover, MA
For my 14th birthday I received from Ross a Waltham pocket watch. With the help of a book obtained from the library I was able to clean the watch and get it running. While looking for a wedding gift for a friend of Ross's we were introduced to F. Scott Seitz, Scotty. Scotty had started repairing clocks out of his home in Scituate, Massachusetts in the 1960's. When the business had grown enough to support him full time he moved the shop to Front Street in Scituate Harbor. Scotty was kind enough to answer all our questions and guide us through any of more difficult repairs that came along. When I graduated high school in June of 1981 Scotty called and offered me a job ‘for the summer'.

I have been working on clocks ever since. I worked at The Clock Shop until Scotty's retirement in 1988. When Scotty told me that he was retiring and would be selling the shop I was faced with a dilemma, either buy The Clock Shop or find a job. With a small bank loan and a depletion of my personal savings The Clock Shop was mine! The Clock Shop stayed at its Front St. location until early 2004 when I had to move to allow room for the expansion of the CVS next door.

The small building that had been on Front St. for a century or more was torn down to make way for an enlarged CVS. The new location offers more room, easier access from route 3, and more convenient parking.”

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