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Antique Clocks in Hanover, MA

Modern Clock Repair | Boston | Quincy | Braintree , MA
Modern Clock Repair | Boston | Quincy | Braintree , MA
Modern Clock Repair | Boston | Quincy | Braintree , MA

Antique Clocks

I offer the best examples possible of the types of clocks I typically keep in stock. The Clock Shop does not sell ‘marriages', clocks that are pieced together from several different sources in a process reminiscent of Frankenstein's workshop. I have found that clocks that are put together in this manner can be troublesome and are of little value. A properly restored antique will give the owner years of trouble free service and will be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. Whether you are looking for an old school, a ship's bell, or a mantle clock my shop will have a clock to fit your needs.
All of my antique clocks come with a two-year warranty; this is at least TWICE the original warranty that came with the clock when new! How can I offer such a fabulous warranty? With thirty years of experience in this business The Clock Shop has learned which clocks are reliable and which are not. It is precisely for this reason that some types and models of clocks will not be found for sale in my shop.

For example: for over 100 years Seth Thomas #89 has been one of the most reliable clock movements made industry. This clock is used for a demonstration model to teach customers how to wind and set their clock. In production for forty years or more this movement was adapted for a wide variety of case styles from an alarm clock version to a version that fit inside a floor clock. It is this movement that is often found in the Seth Thomas ‘Adamantine' cases, one of my all time favorites, known for their durable finish most widely used in the black mantle style cases.
Antique Clock Restoration | Boston | Hanover | Hingham , MA

New Clocks

The Clock Shop offers the sale of new clocks ranging from: Bulova, Hermle, Rhythm, and cuckoo clocks with mechanical movements by Regula. I stock only the best quality clocks that will provide many years of trouble free service.
My primary business is repair and restoration of clocks and I do not want to sell a clock that will be returned for repair shortly after the sale. I have found that some modern clocks are very unreliable and it is for this reason that you will not find new clocks from these makers in my shop. I want to make sure that your purchase is a pleasant experience. I have found that most of the usual sources for clocks these days are ignorant of the inner workings and for this reason they offer an inferior product. Rest assured that a clock purchased here will not be a disappointment.
Radio control watches from E. Howard and watches from Belair are also available through The Clock Shop.

If I do not have the piece you are seeking, please let me know. My contacts ensure that I can find any piece you desire.

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