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It is what you cannot see that makes the difference at The Clock Shop in Hanover, MA! From Boston's largest and oldest tower clocks to tiny wristwatches no job is too big or too small at The Clock Shop. With a large collection of old movements and parts, I can usually find what I need to repair your treasured heirloom.

If by chance I do not have the part you need; I have a well-equipped shop with the machinery to make nearly any part for any clock. With over thirty years experience repairing and restoring clocks and watches, I have the skills required to complete even the most difficult of projects.

Although I am proud of the large projects I have done in Boston, some of the most challenging projects I have completed are for private collections. I have made parts for ships chronometers and gears for all types of clocks, the first escapewheel I ever made was over twenty years ago and is still ticking away in the Custom House Tower in Boston.

All the work I do is treated with the same care and respect whether it is a cuckoo clock or a priceless antique. I always try to keep the item I am restoring as original as possible. When available I try to obtain original replacement parts.

Although I try to avoid refinishing dials, cases, and glasses I have the contacts to restore your clock or watch to original condition. From brass polishing to reverse glass painting, I have found the best artisans to restore even the most seemingly hopeless projects, it is only a matter of economics.

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